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Tehnilised andmed

Toggle Switches
Actuator Length
Actuator Type
Flat Anti-Rotation
Bushing Thread
Current Rating (Amps)
0.4VA (AC/DC)
Illumination Type, Color
Illumination Voltage (Nominal)
Ingress Protection
Mounting Type
Panel Mount
Operating Temperature
-30°C ~ 85°C
Panel Cutout Dimensions
Circular - 6.35mm Dia
Part Status
Switch Function
Termination Style
PC Pin
Voltage Rating - AC
Voltage Rating - DC

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Article fits the description on the website and it is good quality. Free in 5 days in France well protected in a bubble envelope. Each value is row in a small bag zip. Trés satisfied with my purchase, I recommend this article and this supplier.

fast delivery

goods delivered was отслеживался very fast (башкирию 7 days) excellent дошло seller in excellent condition all recommend!!!!

the photo in comparison with cheap. Delivery fast

Received very good

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